Color Finishes

All of our furniture is made out of quality birch plywood with either a clear finish leaving the natural color of the birch, or a variety of color stains which still allow for the grain of the wood to remain visible.

We must have tested all the safe and nontoxic color wood stains out there and we managed to find a very pretty white, yellow and red to our likings.

Not for a minute did we want to limit your choice to those colors only so we developed a series of fantastic stains with Audrey Louise Reynolds. She lives and works upstate NY and has created a series of future minded, food grade, vegan wood stains that are handmade from the safest most colorful materials available. There is one of the richest blues I've seen made from indigo, a pink from dragonfruit, a sea green made from choloriboria fungi and more. First we stain the raw plywood with the concentrated color and we add a clear coat to seal the wood and guard the color from UV.

We're showing a selection of the colors we offer here, when your preferred color is not available on the product page please reach out with your request at

  • Clear

  • Gym White

  • Duck Yellow

  • Dolphin Pink

  • Traffic Orange

  • Tomato Red

  • Frog Blue

  • Pool Blue

  • Goodnight Blue

  • London Lilac

  • Sea Green