Product Care.

House of RoRo furniture is finished with biobased, non toxic  wood stains. It is food safe, sustainable and completely environmentally friendly. 

Avoid setting hot or damp items on furniture.

Avoid direct sunlight for color-stained finishes as some discoloration may occur. 

For light cleaning use a damp cloth. To remove dirt, marker stains etc, use a damp cloth with a mild liquid detergent. Do not use abrasives or cleaning products, including household spray cleaners, on furniture since they can damage the finish.

We do not guarantee sharpie or permanent paint marks will come off, we do encourage you to embrace the patina of life! 

Finish Maintenance.

Since no artificial toxic hardeners are used to increase the durable life of the finish, periodic rejuvenation (aka maintenance) is necessary, usually between 2 and 6 years, depending on climate, use and care.

Natural finished items can be maintained using Renew. This is very easily done within your home.

Color finished items require some light sanding and a new coat of the color finish.

Please send an email to to have your pieces refinished by our team or to order color stains for maintenance.